21 Februari 2010

Lowongan: Tossa Nusantara Motor

. 21 Februari 2010

It is engaged in the sales field and 2-wheel motorcycle 3 wheel Tossa brand with headquarters address in Semarang – Central Java and open branches in various regions in Indonesia.

Jl. Raya Semarang – Kendal KM 19, Kaliwungu – Kendal, Jawa Tengah
Tel: 024-8662020

Jobs for: Marketing

Work Location at: Depok


1. Minimal graduates from D3
2. Has SIM C
3. Experienced in marketing preferred
4. Know Depok location and surrounding areas

Please send your resume to:

PT. Tossa Nusantara Motor
d.a. Jl. Nusantara Raya No. 163, Depok

Include in the letter of application, you get this job information on how and from which source (from what website or newspaper or anything else).
Due date: 18 April 2010

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